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League Coordinator 

With the generous grant from the LOR Foundation Tri-City Soccer Association is happy to announce we are seeking an individual for the Lead Coordinator position.  

Job Title: League Coordinator
Reports To: Tri-City Soccer Association President
Mission Statement:
Tri-City Soccer Association is a not-for-profit organization promoting soccer in southwest Colorado which enables participants to meet or achieve their individual goals through development of soccer skills. 
Job Summary:
The Tri-City Soccer Association is seeking a highly organized and enthusiastic individual to fill the role of a part-time League Coordinator. This position will play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of the league, overseeing various aspects such as player registration, team organization, communication, and event management. The League Coordinator will report directly to the President and work collaboratively with volunteers, coaches, and other stakeholders to ensure the success of Tri-City Soccer Association's programs.
Areas of Responsibility:
  1. Player Registration:
    1. Advertise soccer league registration through appropriate platforms and methods.
    2. Set up and manage the online registration platform (e.g., League Apps).
    3. Collect and organize essential player information during the registration process.
    4. Verify the accuracy of data, including player details, contact information, jersey sizes, and any required documentation.
    5. Keep track of registration fees, waivers, and any additional charges.
    6. Address payment-related inquiries and issues.
    7. Register players with Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) and communicates with CSA to ensure registration runs smoothly.
    8. Coordinate logistics for league events, including drafting schedules and ensuring all registered teams and players are accounted for.
    9. Organize player placement onto teams.
  2. Teams:
    1. Recruit volunteer coaches.
    2. Distribute, collect, and monitor volunteer documentation and training requirements.
    3. Assign coaches to teams and distribute gear.
    4. Track and manage coach and volunteer compliance with background checks and health and safety training requirements.
    5. Schedule games for teams and distribute schedules.
    6. Order and distribute player jerseys and t-shirts.
    7. Communicate and distribute league schedules and field assignments. 
    8. Communicate to coaches, parents, players, of items as they arise during the season (e.g. bad weather)
    9. Coordinates team pictures during the season.
    10. Be present at practices and games during the first week of the season to help direct players and parents to the correct fields, and as needed during the season to coordinate team pictures and help resolve conflicts or other issues that arise.
  3. Sponsorships
    1. Define sponsorship levels, benefits, pricing, and target companies or industries. Highlight the league's reach, demographics, and media coverage.
    2. Identify local businesses, past sponsors, and companies relevant to the league's audience. Create a target list based on compatibility and needs.
    3. Contact potential sponsors through email, phone calls, or in-person meetings. Present the prospectus and tailor benefits to their interests.
    4. Discuss and finalize sponsorship details, including level, duration, benefits, payment terms, and exclusivity. Secure written agreements.
    5. Obtain logos, marketing materials, and any other assets needed from sponsors for promotion.
  4. Organization Administration:
    1. Attend board meetings.
    2. Provide regular reports to the board.
    3. Assist in creating board meeting agendas.
    4. Advertise meeting dates, times, and locations through various channels.
    5. With the assistance of the Treasurer, establish the yearly budget for all soccer needs and assist in grant writing if applicable.  
    6. File and manage documentation, as necessary, with governmental agencies to maintain good standing and current with necessary documentation. 
  5. Communication:
    1. Serve as the first line of communication for parents, coaches, and the league through various means (e.g. social media, e-mail, league apps, etc.).
    2. b) Advertise league information to local newspapers, social media, public bulletin boards, school districts.c) Mediate complaints and facilitate conflict resolution.
  6. Assisting Registrar/Referee Assignor/Equipment Coordinator:
    1. Coordinate with the City of Cortez for field reservations, field placement and sizes, lining, and maintaining fields. 
    2. Assist with field preparation, including hanging and removing nets.
    3. Maintain the equipment shed and check goals for repairs throughout the season.
    4. Set up goals when needed.
    5. Distribute player cards and rosters to teams.
  7. Post-Season:
    1. Coordinates collecting all equipment from coaches, and inventories equipment needs for the next season.
    2. Organizes post-season parent and coach polls (includes sending out polls and summarizing results)
  8. Other:
    1. Other duties assigned or needed as they arise.
  9. Qualifications:
    1. Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
    2. Ability to work evenings and weekends as required by league events.
    3. Basic knowledge of soccer rules and regulations.
    4. Ability to pass a background check.
If you are passionate about soccer and possess the skills to excel in this role, we encourage you to apply by sending your resume and cover letter to  The position is a paid hourly at $20.00/hour with hours varying between weeks.   
Tri-City Soccer Association is an equal opportunity employer.
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